01. welcome

AliXConnect will take the Import/Export Business
Into the Crypto World

AliCoin is the currency that powers Alixconnect. Alixconnect is a decentralized open-source blockchain application protocol focused on enabling cross-border import, export, and logistics tracking. Using smart-contracts powered on the network’s public ledger, Alixconnect tracks and consolidates critical end-to-end import and export data sets like Bill of Lading (BOL), Certificate of Origin (COO), vessel name and numbers, Clearing agency details, manufacturer and agent / trade agency contracts and agreements, and more.

02. Benefits

AliXConnect Benefits


Connectivity across any platform Using friendly Portal


Smart Contracts Secured by Crypto Blockchain Networks


All required and relevant Info/Docs in one secured smart contract


Brokering & Clearing shipments will become a snap
03. Evolution

We're Evolving Logistics
to the Blockchain Era

AliCoin is used to stake agreements across various stakeholders of the import / export process, which brings security, consolidation, and transparency to the business of transporting goods which benefits both agents and trade companies along with manufacturers and buyers.

04. BSC Bridge


As planned, we have developed an integrated bridge to the Binance Smart Chain network (Bep20) to facilitate the Decentralized exchange trading/swap. This BSC bridge provides the facility to work with other exchanges and wallets such as Metamask, Trustwallet, Pancakeswap and other Dex exchanges. This provides the small and medium size investors to participate in this revolutionary logistics methodology.

We will soon be looking for integration with the new XRP Ledger and Ethereum network as well to complete the integration vision.

05. Roadmap

Implementation Roadmap

At AliXConnect our focus is on completing each phase and testing successful implementation before moving to the following phase to insure quality deployment. We believe if something is worth doing, its worth doing it right

Conceptual Design, Implementaion of Mainnet, Proof of concept
March 2021
Launch of AliCoin (ALICN), Airdrop, IEO and Exchange Listing
December 2021
Release on Decentralized Exchanges
March 2022
Bridgging the Etherium Network
September 2022
Bridging Various other Blockchain Interoperability
November 2022
Launch of the AliXConnect Smart Contract Network into Operations
January 2023
Establish Partnerships with Global Logistics companies
March 2023
Continuous Expansion and Upgrades
June 2023
06. Network

Growing Global

AliXConnect is rapidly gaining popularity and momentum among crypto community. We are working on establishing partnerships in the crypto world to launch AliCoin. We are also working on developing partnerships in the global trade and logistics world for the upcoming use of the smart contracts and the AliXConnect Portal.


07. Wallets

AliCoin Wallets

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)0x316FC277D70F967A3F93Ed59FB46c92435a5c7F0
08. Charts

AliCoin Chart

09. Miner

Coming Soon......
Compatible GPU Miner

Total miners
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Total hashrate